Lily Suites Hotel

Lily Suites Hotel. As part of AH GROUPS enthusiasm and commitment to the region economic and social growth, Lily Suites Hotel was established to respond the increasing demand in the hotel industry and tourism. With a remarkable central location, the Lily Suites Hotel offers an excellent accommodation in Al Hasa for business and leisure traveler’s alike. The Lily Suites is situated at the heart of Al Hasa and it is very accessible to hypermarket, trains & bus terminals.
Remarkable central location

Al AHsa Intercontinent

Experience one of Saudi’s finest hotels. Rising dramatically through a carpet of palm trees, the Al Hasa Intercontinental has firmly established itself as a luxurious weekend retreat and prestigious wedding venue. The hotel’s sumptuous décor is matched only by an impressive list of facilities that includes four restaurants, a health spa and the most high tech conference and wedding center in the Middle East. Together they really do put the hotel in a class of its own.

weekend retreat

AH Plastic Products Co.

AH Plastic Products Co. Since 1982, at AH Plastic Products Co., we have concentrated and focused our efforts on delivering and manufacturing superior packaging solutions- High, medium & low density Polyethylene, Polyprophylene, Metalaucene, Laminated films including metalize films in both roll and bag form products, whilst servicing an ever-growing client base throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our sole aim, and driving passion, is to create and deliver innovative products and provide service that meet the highest quality standards in the most cost-effective, direct and timely manner possible.

We create &
deliver innovative products

AL-mujama shopping mall

Al- Mujama Shopping Mall was established in 1981 with a wide range of commercial stores, restaurants, recreational halls, and a supermarket.
Al Mujama Supermarket is offering indoor wet market, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, groceries, and general merchandise store, driven with the passion for excellent customer service and competent quality assurance.

Driven with passion

Al-Hasa Cold Storage Company

Al-Hasa cold storage Company was established in 1979 as the First of its kind in Al Hasa. The company boasts 2000 metric tons of Cold Storage space and a fleet of refrigerated vehicles. Today importers of perishable commodities face rigorous challenges.
Our more than three decades of knowledge and experience specifically in handling perishable foodstuff is the key to continues success in fulfilling the needs of our importers / business partners.
2000 metric tons
of cold storage space
2000 metric tons
of cold storage space

Al-Hasa Automatic Bakery

Al Hassa Automatic Bakery, a holder of World Class certificates for Food Safety in the Gulf Region offers the highest quality confectionery and baker products in the market today. Since 1977 our commitment has earned a reputation leading us to excellence and regarded as one of the best bakeries in the Kingdom. Al Hasa Automatic Bakery owner of the famous Brand Name Fuchsia, has the state-of-the-art bread factory rates as the most modern large-scale & fully automated bread manufacturing facilities in the country.

highest quality confectionery


HACO is one of the country’s largest producer of ready mix concrete, concrete blocks and aggregates, supplying essential materials to build the infrastructure we all rely on. HACO company was the first ready mix concrete supplier in Al Hasa, the company has built reputation over the years that is a synonymous with reliability, fast service, and high quality products. With a capacity expansion from a 50 cubic meters per hour capability in 1976 to1500 cubic meters per hour at present time, HACO is the pioneer and leading supplier of high quality ready mix concrete, masonry & insulated blocks, curb stone and aggregate.

high quality